Find out about Better That 100 Witches Should Live, the biography of Thomas Maule of Salem, Mass.
A Discourse on the Surname "Maule" and Its Variants
Table of Contents to The History and Genealogy of the Maules (1981)
Maule Family Groups (in numerical order and by geographical cluster)
Descendants of Thomas Maule of Salem, Mass.
Maule Family Group Charts
Outline of first seven generations of the descendants of Thomas Maule of Salem, Mass.
Charts of the Le Riche - Maule family
Fifty Noteworthy Descendants of Thomas Maule of Salem, Mass.
Panmure Maule Ancestry
Take a look at The Maule Family Newsletter, once published regularly and now destined for replacement by modern technology!
Racines et Histoire or its main menu a site (in French) with numerous documents, lineages, and other materials on the families of the Ile de France, including the Maule Family (wonderfully compiled by my friend and fellow researcher Etienne Pattou)
How and why I became interested in Maule genealogy
Descendants of Thomas Corcoran of Blanchardstown, Ireland
My 1997 Maule Family History Trip
Descendants of William Dowling of Blanchardstown, Ireland
My Maule and Other Ancestry
Descendants of Daniel Foley of London, England, and possibly Ireland
My Cousins the Presidents
Summary Descendants of Michael Hickey and Peter Hickey of Ireland, Newark, N.J., and Philadelphia, Pa. (full version below)
The Archives of Brian Maule's Maule Family History Homepage Unfortunately, Brian Maule no longer maintains the Maule Family History pages, but fortunately, the pages as they existed in March 2000 are archived on this website.
Descendants of Michael Hickey and Peter Hickey of Ireland, Newark, N.J., and Philadelphia, Pa.
Other Internet sites with Maule information
Descendants of John O'Brien of Ireland
PORTRAIT OF Hon. William Maule of Panmure, MP (unsure if still available for purchase) More information
The Zappone and Related Families of Caserta, Italy, and Their Descendants
The Rodia and Related Families of Serino, Italy, and Their Descendants

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and what I'm planning to do. I just finished going through
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But with facebook, I'm reconnecting; just search for
"James Edward Maule" and send a friend request.

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