My Maule and Other Ancestry

Most of what is below is either totally out-of-date or partially out-of-date.
Revisions are being planned, but will not be ready for a while.
In the meantime, I have uploaded a WORKING DRAFT of my ancestry in another format.
It can be reached at the WORKING DRAFT OF ANCESTRY entry point.

A visual representation of my ancestry. (new as of 4 Nov 2009)*
For comparison purposes: the Dec 2005 version
Also for comparison purposes: the Sept 2001 version
Also for comparison purposes: the Mar 1998 version
My ancestral ahnentafel (a textual ancestral listing with customized links).
A visual representation of my Maule ancestral line.

An experimental alphabetical list of my ancestors who appear in the first 26 generations.
*Note: For the moment, the chart goes back only to the fifteenth generation and the ahnentafel to the twenty-first, and biographies are available only for persons in the direct Maule ancestral line. This has been changing and will continue to change. Please be patient and visit often.

Another experiment: Photo comparison of Randolph A. Maule (my grandfather) and Maxfield Parrish (his 4th cousin once removed)
(This may be the first of a long series of photo comparisons of Maule and other cousins; will I have enough time to find the photos and create all the web pages?)


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