The need to separate the large amounts of research and information gathered on the Maule family caused Brian Maule to name and number dozens of Maule family trees, which I describe as "Maule Family Groups." In the 1981 History and Genealogy of the Maules, I used a somewhat different arrangement to order the information, but having seen Brian's categorization I have chosen to adopt it.

     Each Maule family group represents related individuals, none of whom have been proven to be related to any individual in any other Maule family group. Since Brian first designated his groups, several have been linked to each other by additional research.

     Considering the recent discovery of the de Mauleon - de Mauley links, it would not be surprising to find many more family groups. It is also likely that there are groups of Maule individuals who have not been identified and who would constitute additional groups when and if they are located.

     The groups are listed here by larger clusters, into which I have placed groups that likely are more closely related to each other than they are to the other groups. For convenience, I have also listed the groups in numerical order, using the numbers assigned by Brian.

     There also exist numerous individuals and two-generation "groups" not included in any of these family groups. It is likely that most of these individuals and two-generation "groups" belong to one of the listed Maule family groups.

     Missing for the moment are the Maule Family Group of the Czech Republic (reported French ancestry), the Maule Family Group(s) of Italy (reported German or French ancestry), and the Maule Family Group(s) of Brazil (reported Italian ancestry). The information for these groups has not yet been gathered together.

Group Clusters

France/Scotland Scotland and Northern England England: Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Surrey, Essex, London England: Shropshire, Somersetshire, Worcestershire England: Devonshire, Cornwall England: Nottinghamshire Canada (English origins) New Zealand (English origins) Germany and groups with German ancestry Russia (German ancestry)

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Hungary (possible German ancestry)

Maule Family Groups: Numerical Order

© Copyright 2004 James Edward Maule