My Maule Family History Trip

Designed as a vacation and 20 years in the making, it ended up with an itinerary more intense than that of a business trip, but it was one of the most enjoyable adventures of my life. The journey finally happened because some folks from Maule, France who visited me in 1996 persuaded me there were no more reasons for delay and because several cousins in Great Britain had grown weary inviting me to visit. It was time to make the pilgrimage....

More than a "bon voyage" it was a "tour magnifique"! Daytime rain on only one day of 26? Yep. Just about everything went right (which for me is remarkable). Even the British Airways strike brought me a direct flight to Paris in lieu of a two-leg journey through London (which would have cost double had it been booked that way from the outset). So for Maules who are considering taking such a journey, here are some highlights. And for those not Maules, it's worth a look -- there are some scary photos in here.

So, on with the highlights (there's only so much disk space available.....)

Let's begin (as did the family) in


The name of the town?
Yep, you've got it.
Maule, France, an absolutely delightful "ville" whose residents welcomed me with unbridled enthusiasm and great hospitality.

"So what was the best part of my visit to France?" One thing? Impossible; there were many best parts:

A wonderful time, thanks to the smooth planning, generosity, and hospitality of many wonderful friends: Francoise and Jean-Claude Baxas, Rolf and Francoise Svensson, Marcel Treboit, Etienne and Maggie Pattou, Christine Gerdolle, Gerard Mulot, the members of the Conseil Municipal, and the members of the Association Culturelle pour l'Information de Maule et des Environs who were part of the "Saturday morning ceremony."

From Paris to London Waterloo Station via the Chunnel on the Eurostar, a taxi ride through London to Kings Cross Station, and another 4-1/2 hours on a train, and I had arrived in


This is some of what I did in the space of 11 days:

It was time for another train ride (two, actually), taking me to


I arrived in Warwick, the site of the Public Records Office for Warwickshire, the birthplace of Thomas Maule of Salem, Massachusetts, my ancestor. That's a different and long story, and as there are no pictures, let's get to the visually interesting stuff:

Then it was another train ride (three, to be accurate), through some of the most spectacular scenery yet, bringing me to


Unfortunately, I didn't stay very long. I wished that I had been there for many more days. Why?

Into the car with my cousins and through the mountains, forests, and small towns of Wales until we reached


First it was to Exeter:

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Then, on to London:

And then, late on the last day, it finally started raining.
So I came home.

Comments welcome. I have 460 pictures, so I've bothered you with only a small fraction, assuming the rest would be of much less interest. Let me know if I'm wrong:
Simply send email to me:    MAILBOX (Jim Maule)

The Maule portion of this page was reviewed in Courier de Mantes, the newspaper of a town very near to Maule, France. It's in French, of course, and if you cannot read French (and don't want to use a computer translator program), trust me, the writer says nice things. :-) The writer noted that I had vowed to return. And I did, in 1999 and in 2001 (and I will be there again soon). And, yes, there are more pictures. Do you REALLY want those posted, too? :-)

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