Some of the Ancestry of the Panmure Maules

Origins of this page
While exploring my FitzRandolph ancestry I discovered that the Maules of Panmure and the FitzRandolphs share hundreds of ancestors. Not surprising, but nonetheless another genealogical by-way begging to be traversed.
Rather than using the presentation methods chosen for my own ancestry, I experimented with designing powerpoint slides saved as jpg files that I converted to image maps. Because I haven't convinced myself this is the best approach, I limited the initial effort to 14 pages.
Using these pages
These are easy pages to use. To get started, just click on the following link to Thomas Maule. Once on an ancestral chart page, you can move to a higher-generation page by clicking on the name of a person in the right-most column.(If there is no link on a person's name, that person' s parents are not known.) To return to a lower-generation page, click on the name of the person in the left-most column in the center.
Please note that links to panma15.htm through panma52.htm are not yet operative and will return an error message. I'll get to these when I can.
Ancestry of Thomas Maule of Panmure, c 1370 -1411
Why this Thomas Maule? Because shortly before the Battle of Harlaw, in which he was killed, Thomas Maule was warned by John Ogilvie not to fight, as he "was the last man alive of his name." His son Thomas was born posthumously. Even if Ogilvie was referring only to Maules of Scotland, it nonetheless makes this Thomas Maule a person through whom most, if not all, Maules with roots in Great Britain can trace descent.

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