My Cousins the Presidents

While wandering through the Presidential Genealogy database maintained by Brian Tompsett of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Hull as part of his excellent Royal and Noble Genealogical Data on the Web, I noticed some ancestors of mine among the index entries. So for my own amusement and for the amusement of my cousins I have mapped out two Presidential relationships (just enough to get my cousins' attention). I know there are more, through connections or royalty or nobility, and once I have time to systemmatically find them I will add them to this list.

Yes, a few years (five) elapsed, and I finally made some time to find links to other Presidents. I did this with the assistance of Brian Tompsett's site and with the assistance of the Presidential Genealogy site once maintained by Hans A.M. Webber (who also is a distant cousin), but which appears to have disappeared. In most instances, there are multiple connections, and I tried to identify the one that generated the closest relationship. With the exception of Abraham Lincoln, all of the Presidents in this list have multiple descents from William I of England (the "Conqueror"), as do I, suggesting that there are dozens if not hundreds of separate connections between myself (and my siblings and cousins) and the Presidents. Time being a precious commodity, I have not made the effort to identify all these relationships.

So here's what I have as of February 2009:

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A connection to George Washington No connection (yet) to Andrew Johnson No connection (yet) to Harry Truman
No connection (yet) to John Adams A connection to Ulysses S. Grant No connection (yet) to Dwight Eisenhower
A connection to Thomas Jefferson A connection to Rutherford B. Hayes No connection (yet) to John F. Kennedy
A connection to James Madison No connection (yet) to James Garfield No connection (yet) to Lyndon B. Johnson
A connection to James Monroe No connection (yet) to Chester Arthur A connection to Richard Milhous Nixon
A connection to John Quincy Adams A connection to Grover Cleveland A connection to Gerald Ford
No connection (yet) to Andrew Jackson A connection to Benjamin Harrison No connection (yet) to Jimmy Carter
No connection (yet) to Martin van Buren A connection to Grover Cleveland No connection (yet) to Ronald Reagan
A connection to William Henry Harrison No connection (yet) to William McKinley A connection to George Herbert Walker Bush
No connection (yet) to John Tyler A connection to Theodore Roosevelt No connection (yet) to William Clinton
No connection (yet) to James Polk A connection to William Howard Taft A connection to George W. Bush
A connection to Zachary Taylor No connection (yet) to Woodrow Wilson A connection to Barack Obama
A connection to Millard Fillmore No connection (yet) to Warren Harding
A connection to Franklin Pierce A connection to Calvin Coolidge
No connection (yet) to James Buchanan No connection (yet) to Herbert Hoover
A connection to Abraham Lincoln A connection to Franklin D. Roosevelt

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