The Maule Family Newsletter has been published since the late 1970's, originally on a sporadic basis, then on a regular basis through the mid 1980's, then on a sporadic basis, and currently on not quite an "occasional sign of life" basis. Hence the lack of No. 2 for Volumes X and XI. Given the amount of information now being located, and considering all the cousins I have been meeting through the Internet, it might make sense to continue the Newsletter as an electronic publication.

The first few newsletters were composed on a typewriter, and are not yet available in digital format. When I have time to scan them into the system (assuming I can find them), I will add them to this digital collection.

I chose to not publish certain types of information that appeared in the newsletter, such as the newsletter mailing list, which was intended for distribution among family members but not for general public access. Several other items have not been published because I have not found the material.

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